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We also use the multiplan network to find your doctors and hospitals. Below is a link to the multiplan website.

When using the website, click on PHCS Network, which is the top plan throughout the United States.

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At Life Benefit Plan we care about you and your family and being part of your community for over 60 years we feel it’s about time that someone stepped forward with a no-nonsense, service-oriented professional approach to health care! No smoke, no mirrors, and no gimmicks. We sincerely want to help reduce the number of uninsured Americans who have earned and deserve the ability to rest easy knowing they are covered.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer personalized service, helping you familiarize yourself with health insurance terms and educating you about health reforms and how they can affect you.

For further information and descriptions call us today at 718-238-2399 and speak with one of our community hired personnel who take pride in giving you the personal service no one else can.

Your search for the quality, service and support for all your health care needs ends at Life Benefit Plan.